Smart Choice MH Advantages


Smart Choice Advantage #01
Best Price Guarantee
We are part of a huge group of independent retailers and as a group, we buy more homes than most retail chain stores. This benefits you as a home buyer because, we have factories competing for our business so we can pick and choose which factories we want to do business with without the huge corporate offices with layers of upper management, support personnel and shareholders to support thus passing those savings on to you.

Smart Choice Advantage #02
Finance Options
Being an independent retailer, we are not required to send you to a bank only we own, we deal with multiple banks and will have options for everyone.

Smart Choice Advantage #03
Trane A/C Units
We proudly offer Trane A/C units on all of our new homes with a 10 yr. Parts and Labor Warranty. Living in South Texas that’s not only a SMART CHOICE but should be the only Choice.

Smart Choice Advantage #04
Home Owner’s Insurance
We have our own insurance representative on site so we can offer very competitive rates

Smart Choice Advantage #05
Land Home Packages
We can help you and your family with finding land and a home or offer a package we may have in inventory. Whatever your needs are we are here to help.

Smart Choice Advantage #06
Warranty Service
Our service personnel is from San Antonio and surrounding areas which means faster response time to any of your warranty needs.

Smart Choice Advantage #07
Land Available
When we come across great purchase on land, we buy it, then we can pass that saving onto our customers

Smart Choice Advantage #08
Best Value for the Money
With our Smart construction standards, you always get the best value for your money.

Smart Choice Advantage #09
Options Not From the Factory
At times the factory may not offer what’s important to you and your family, so if it’s a special refrigerator, stove or type of flooring we are happy to help get you what you’re looking for.

Smart Choice Advantage #10
With almost 30 years of experience, We have helped and been involved in every type of situation

Smart Choice Advantage #11
Government Contracts
Very few if any retailers in San Antonio and surrounding areas have the experience, manpower and insurance requirements to be selected and/or have completed these type projects.

Smart Choice Advantage #12
Site Preparations
Whether you need a full construction package or just need a little help we are here for you and your family.

Smart Choice Advantage #13
Owner Type Financing
We have partners that offer financing to those families that may just need a little extra help getting into a home.

Smart Choice Advantage #14
Auction Homes
As a group, we will purchase homes in bulk from Government Auctions, Factory Auctions Etc. and pass the saving back to our customers

Smart Choice Advantage #15
Tiny Homes
These Auction homes are very popular for lake houses, beach houses or for the family that just wants to live a minimalist type life. Come on by and take a look.

Smart Choice Advantage #16
Custom Homes
All of our Smart Choice homes are custom ordered with south Texas in mind, our homes are specially designed to deal with the Texas heat which has completely different specifications from a home we send to Oklahoma or New Mexico. When you purchase a home from us you get the Smart Choice Advantage.

Smart Choice Advantage #17
Repo Homes
We are very selective from our banks on what repossessed home we will allow them to put on our location, so we only offer the best-repossessed homes available.

Smart Choice Advantage #18
Smart Plumbing Systems
We only offer the Smart plumbing systems in our new homes. We have been putting this in our homes for over ten years now and it almost completely eliminated leaks and if we do have a leak it’s because of human error, not the system.

Smart Choice Advantage #19
TDI Modular Homes
We are experts in TDI modular homes and when you go down by the coast it’s required, no problem for us we have experience working in these areas.

Smart Choice Advantage #20
Family Atmosphere
We are a family run business and believe buying a home should be a happy time, not a stressful time. Our customers say that we are not like any other store they have visited, so come on in and see why.

Smart Choice Advantage #21
Smart Insulation Package
When we say Smart, we mean it has more insulation than what’s required for your area.

Smart Choice Advantage #22
Second Chance Financing
Between our banks and other finance options, we will always have an option for you and your family.

Smart Choice Advantage #23
Licensed Plumbers
When you go to some cities or municipalities it’s required, no problem for us we have experience working in these areas.

Smart Choice Advantage #24
Name Brand Appliance Packages
Because we purchase everything in bulk, we can afford to put name brand appliances in your home with the better warranties and if you ever need to use that warranty you have access to a service department near you.

Smart Choice Advantage #25
Warranty Throughout
When we only use the high-quality components in your new home so everything comes with a warranty even something as small as a smoke detector.

Smart Choice Advantage #26
Service After The Sale
Our service guys are local, plus when required, we have access to service guys all over Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma that work with our partners. Everybody has service guys, but the service guys we use have proven themselves to be the very best.

Smart Choice Advantage #27
Buyback Program
This has been a great program for business owners that may only need a home for a few years and this benefits homeowners as well. Especially those that are retiring or moving out of state etc. Our professional will come out and evaluate your home and offer you a fair market value for your home or, home and land.

Smart Choice Advantage #28
Septic Tanks
We evaluate the soil and determine what type of septic system will be needed so whether a conventional system or an aerobic system we can help.

Smart Choice Advantage #29
Resale Program
As life changes, we must change too, we will be happy to help our customers resale homes and land/home at no cost to you the customer. Now try to find another dealer that will do that.

Smart Choice Advantage #30
Trade in Program
WE LOVE TRADE INS! Some retailers won’t take trades, your home may not work for your family anymore but we are sure it will be perfect for someone else.

Smart Choice Advantage #31
Licensed Electricians
When you go to some cities or municipalities it’s required, no problem for us we have experience working in these areas

Smart Choice Advantage #32
Modular Homes
We are experts in modular homes and when you go to some cities or municipalities it’s required, no problem for us we have experience working in these areas.

Smart Choice Advantage #33
Golf Carts
Why walk when you can ride, with almost 10 acres of homes and the Texas heat we feel golf carts are a must.

Smart Choice Advantage #34
Used Homes
We buy quality used homes and offer them to our customers

Smart Choice Advantage #35
Water Well Drilling Offered
Whether your home is going to South Texas, North Texas or anywhere in between we can help.

Smart Choice Advantage #36
Dirt Work
Whether you just need a little or need part of a mountain removed to correct the drainage around your home you can feel confident we have done projects similar with happy customers in the past. Experience can’t be bought it must be gained.

Smart Choice Advantage #37
Large Delivery Area
With our large network of partners in Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma we can deliver pretty much anywhere.

Smart Choice Advantage #38
Construction Loans
Whether you need help with just a power pole or need a full ranch build out,  we can and will have a program for you.

Smart Choice Advantage #39
Floodplain No Problem
We have experience helping customers by having a flood elevation survey done so whether you need your home raised 6″ or 12′ with engineered piers, we can help.

Smart Choice Advantage #40
Assistance With Land Selection
When buying land, we know what to look for and in some cases, we have the property inspected prior to you purchasing. For example, We had a customer that found some land that was a great deal in the Hill Country but after we researched it the water well was going to cost over $33,000 so needless to say they didn’t purchase the land. Let our experience help you with the land buying process.

Smart Choice Advantage #41
Multiple Factories
We have multiple factories bidding for our business when factories compete you the customer, win.

Smart Choice Advantage #42
Existing Home Removal
Some of our customers purchase land or maybe inherit land with an existing home that they know nothing about or maybe don’t have a title to anymore. Have no fear, we can help you get rid of the old home and make room for your new home.

Smart Choice Advantage #43
Free Site Inspection
We will inspect your land and advise you on what requirements are needed to place your new home on your property, and yes if you would like we can take care of any land preparations that may be needed.

Smart Choice Advantage #44
Competitive Finance Programs
We work with multiple Banks and our goal is to have these banks compete for your business and offer you the best program for you and your family.

Smart Choice Advantage #45
Lower Overhead
With our location in the country and no corporate office to support, our overhead is very low. Come see why our customers say we have the lowest prices around.

Smart Choice Advantage #46
Turn Key Packages
When we say turnkey, we mean we handle everything and when it’s done you just turn the key and walk in your new home and enjoy.

Smart Choice Advantage #47
FHA & VA Packages
We have completed tons of FHA and VA projects and understand the red tape so have no worries you’re in good hands.

Smart Choice Advantage #48
City Homes
Putting a home in the city is a challenge and we do not recommend anyone trying it on their own. We won’t even allow a single staff member to do it alone.  Our team of experts get involved.  This is another area where our experience is invaluable.

Smart Choice Advantage #49
Vacation Homes
Vacation homes or secondary homes need special financing which we have available. Also, these homes may be in areas hundreds of miles from where you live. We understand and have experience in ways to coordinate the process and keep you informed and updated start to finish

Smart Choice Advantage #50
Huge Selection
With almost a 10-acre model center and numerous partners throughout Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma, if we don’t have the model you are looking for, we have access to it.

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